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In projects spanning from diverse commercial buildings, robust industrial facilities to sturdy bridges, our steel detailing services exemplify precision and finesse. We consistently deliver with accuracy, ensuring a seamless journey from fabrication to the successful realization of your construction vision.

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Introducing Zeus Drafting, a dynamic startup driven by a team with 15+ years of industry expertise. We're your trusted partner for precision steel detailing across commercial, residential, and industrial projects. Our expertise brings your concepts to life through meticulous drawings and innovative 3D modeling. Zeus Drafting excels in precision detailing of structural steel components and miscellaneous steel elements, ensuring seamless integration and functionality in diverse projects.


Zeus Drafting's mission is to revolutionize steel design with a focus on safety, community well-being, and environmental responsibility. We demonstrate our dedication through precise and creative solutions for commercial, industrial, and housing projects, adhering to the highest standards, including AISC, Building Codes, and Designing Principles. We set the standard for delivering visionary projects of the highest quality for our client.


Zeus Drafting: Crafting Tomorrow's Architectural Marvels in Commercial Arena, Industrial Space and Housing World.

Value Proposition

Partner with us to elevate your steel design projects to the next level, where innovation meets sustainability for lasting impact.


Zeus Drafting's core mission is to empower steel fabricators and erectors by consistently providing them with innovative, sustainable, and top-quality solutions that not only meet but exceed their expectations.


We realize our Vision, Mission, Value Proposition, and Goal through a syngeristic blend of human capital, extensive experience, and expertise in collaborating with fabricators. Leveraging advanced tools and technoloy, we apply innovative designing concepts in strict adherence to industry standards. Actively participating in steel summits and conferences, we stay updated on the latest industry developments, including steel grades.

Moreover, we maintain open channels of communication with the fabricators and erectors community, drawing valuable insights from their expereinces with steel grades. This collaborative approach ensures that we consistently, deliver on our committment to innovation, sustainability, and top-quality solutions that surprass client expectations.

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Structural Steel Detailing:

At Zeus Drafting, we specialize in precision-driven steel detailing services for diverse projects, including beams, columns, and other vital components. Our accomplished team of detailers is devoted to delivering meticulous and accurate results. We take full ownership of the process, overseeing everything from fabrication to construction, ensuring a seamless realization of your project's vision. Our expertise extends to crafting precise 2D and 3D plans that not only meet your specifications but also optimize material usage and saving you cost .

Miscellaneous Steel Detailing:

Beyond our expertise in structural steel, we specialize in providing meticulous detailing services for diverse and intricate steel components. Our precision detailing covers a wide range of elements, including elegant staircases, secure handrails, and efficient ladders, as well as robust platforms, safe catwalks, and spacious mezzanines. Our unwavering commitment to exacting standards ensures seamless integration and enhanced functionality within the broader steel structure.

3D Modeling and BIM Integration:

Our proficiency in advanced 3D modeling software enables us to create detailed, three-dimensional representations of your steel structures. This not only helps in visualizing the final product but also facilitates clash detection and coordination with other trades. We also offer seamless BIM integration, ensuring accurate information exchange and enhancing collaboration throughout the construction process.

Shop Drawings and Fabrication Documentation:

At Zeus Drafting, we specialize in crafting precise shop drawings, fabrication drawings, and erection drawings tailored for steel fabricators. Our meticulous drawings feature material specifications, exact dimensions, and welding symbols, guaranteeing flawless steel component fabrication. Trust in our precision focused services to simplify your projects. Contact us today, and let us enhance your steel fabrication process for superior project outcomes.

Connection Design and PE Stamping:

Welcome to the Connection Design Hub, where our team of seasoned structural engineers, each certified for PE Stamping, skillfully melds their expertise with technology to ensure the safety and reliability of your projects. From meticulous force analysis to the selection of optimal fasteners, we deliver robust, efficient, and enduring solutions for your structural needs. Explore our services to elevate your construction projects.

Quality Assurance and Collaboration:

Our experienced team conducts rigorous reviews of steel detailing plans and models, identifying and rectifying discrepancies. We adhere to industry standards and employ advanced software for precision. Continuous client communication ensures alignment with project expectations. Our commitment to ongoing learning and industry best practices guarantees top-quality results in every project.

Our Unique Selling Propositions

Discover what sets us apart in the steel detailing industry with our unique selling propositions, making us your top choice for quality and expertise

24/7 availability

Our dedicated project team is availabe around the clock, working in three shifts to accommodate different time zones and ensure timely communication and supportt

15+ years of detailing expereince

With over 15 years of collective experience in steel detailing, our team brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every project, ensuring the highest quality results.

Handling Projects of various sizes

From small-scale projects to large-scale endeavors, we have the capability to handle a wide range of project sizes spanning from 50 to 3000 tons of steel.

Licensed Software Expertise (SDS and TEKLA)

Equipped with licensed versions of the latest SDS and TEKLA software, we harness the power of cutting-edge technology to produce accurate and detailed steel shop drawings.


More than 12+ years of experience.


Civil Engineering Graduates.

Technical Proficiency

Expertise in modeling, detailing, and quality checking.

Skill Sets

Specialized in precision steel detailing.

Problem Solving

Prove ability to resolve complex steel detailing challenges.

Quality Assurance

Ensuring the highest industry standards in every project.


Committed to delivering error-free and high-quality results.


A cohesive team working together for project success.

Comprehensive Review

Our experienced team conducts a thorough review of all steel detailing plans and models, identifying any discrepancies or potential issues.

Multi-Level Checks

We implement multi-level quality checks at key stages of the project, minimizing errors and ensuring accuracy.


We adhere to industry codes and standards, guaranteeing that our work meets or exceeds regulatory requirements.

Technology Integration

Our use of advanced software and 3D modeling tools enhances precision and minimizes the margin for error.

Client Collaboration

Regular communication with our clients ensures alignment with their expectations and project specifications.

Continuos Improvement

We're committed to ongoing learning and improvement, staying updated with industry best practices to deliver superior results.

Zeus Drafting harness cutting-edge technology and powerful tools to streamline our steel detailing services, ensuring precision and efficiency. Our tool kit includes

SDS/2 Software

We leverage licensed versions of the latest SDS/2 (Steel Detaling Software) to create accurate and detailed shop drawings.

TEKLA Structures

Our expertise in TEKLA structures software enables us to deliver 3D modeling, BIM integration, and accurate steel detailing.

Advanced 3D Modelling

Our Proficiency in advanced 3D modelling tools helps us visualize and optimize steel structures.


We aspire to continually innovate our steel detailing process, intergrating emerging technologies to enhance precision and efficiency.

Sustainable Process

we aim to incorporate sustianable practices into our projects, promoting environmentally firendly steel structures.

Industry Leadership

We strive to become industry leaders setting benchmarks for quality and innovation in steel detailing.


We plan to expand our reach, taking our expertise n steel detailing to a broader range of projects and clients.

Talent Development

We are committed to nurturing and developing talent, fostering the next generation of steel detailing experts.

Client Satisfaction

Above all, we aim to maintain the highest levels of client satisfaction, ensuring that every project we undertake is a resounding success.

Our Projects

From small-scale projects to large-scale endeavors, we have the capability to handle a wide range of project sizes, spanning from 50 to 3000 tons of steel

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